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A Yoga-driven offering
that fosters positive change in business environments

Our offering

Logic Moon Yoga is geared towards introducing the potential of yoga and other embodied techniques (breathing, physical exercises, concentration and meditation) to support the well-being and the productivity of individuals and teams.

Numerous scientific studies not only confirmed that yoga brings health into our bodies and peace into our minds, but also that yoga improves productivity and creativity, by bringing motivation, smoothing tensions and reducing stress.

Logic Moon Yoga works in close collaboration with researchers from Swedish and Danish universities, and thus builds on cutting-edge research in mindfulness and productivity.

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Get in touch

We prefer to operate face-to-face as activities include physical work and breathing techniques and this can be more beneficial for the participants. However, we can also run our workshops and consultancy online.

The onsite activities may include our support in setting up a special place in your office for employees, including mats, bolsters and bricks which stay with the company.

We are based in Malmö but operate across the whole Öresund region. We are also happy to visit you within the EU.

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